03 UK National Numbers


03 numbers are 'local-rate' national numbers. They are a recent addition to the UK's number landscape, and cost the same to call as UK land lines, even from a UK mobile. This makes them a popular choice for national businesses that want to appear approachable. They are also an ideal replacement for 0845 or 0870 numbers.

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If you're looking for a number range that gives the image of a sizeable organisation with national reach, then an 03 number could be right for you.

How much will an 03 number cost my callers?

Calls to am 03 number are charged at the UK national (geographic) call rate. Most landlines and mobile users will not be charged, as this destination is generally part of their inclusive minutes.

How much will a 03 cost me?

You will pay a small monthly rental fee for each 03 number (typically £3 per month + VAT on the basic price plan), plus a one-off setup fee if you are buying a 'Gold' memorable number. Inbound calls that are diverted to a landline or mobile, and outbound calls, are charged at the dmCalls12 discount call rate.

Routing calls to dmConnect12 / dmSwitchboard12

Because 03 numbers are free to the caller, you pay a small per-minute charge to receive inbound calls to dmConnect12 / dmSwitchboard12. You will pay 2.45 pence per minute on a Basic (Bas) price plan, 1.59 pence per minute on the Professional (Pro) price plan and 1.45 pence per minute on the Enterprise (Ent) price plan.

Routing calls from dmConnect12 / dmSwitchboard12 to a phone

Routing calls from dmConnect12 / dmSwitchboard12 to a SIP VoIP phone is FREE.

Routing calls from dmConnect12 / dmSwitchboard12 to your mobile phone or land line uses our outbound calling service. Click here to view outbound calling tariffs.

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