dmAnswers 14 FAQs

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+Many other call answering services charge by the minute. Why do you charge in units?

Companies that charge by the minute will charge for 2 full minutes if a call lasts 1 minute and 1 second. Likewise, calls lasting less that 30 seconds get charged at a full minute. We believe that you will pay less overall with our unit based billing, especially if you follow our recommendations about how to communicate your requirements.

+Is it possible to pay by call rather than by unit?

Yes. You can buy a dmAnswers14 Pak which enables you to lock-in a fixed price per call.

+Why do some units last 30 seconds and other only 20 seconds?

We wanted to offer our call answering service on a 24/7 basis and we have to pay our agents more to answer calls outside UK office hours. We wanted to keep the pricing simple with just one unit price. You also have greater control over the costs and the billing is easier to understand. 

+I already have a dmClub Geographical Number - Can I use dmAnswers14 with this number?

Yes you can. Please contact support as they may need to upgrade your service and in most cases you will not need to pay any extra rental for the number.

+Can I keep my old phone number if I sign up to dmAnswers14?

Provided you can port your existing number across to us, then yes. Please call support and we will advise you on how to arrange this. There will be a nominal porting charge and you will still need to pay the monthly rental charges (£3+VAT per number). Alternatively, you will be able to divert your existing number to your new dmAnswers14 number. 

+What if I do not want 24/7 call answering?

You will be able to set your office opening hours. This means that you have the option to let out-of-hours calls go to voicemail or left to ring - depending on your preference.

+Does the smartphone app work with both iPhone and Android?

Yes, it is a browser-based app designed to work on mobile devices. It will work with any web browser.

+Do you offer a free trial?

We offer a 14 day money-back guarantee which covers your rental and up to £5 of calls answered.

+How long does it take to set up?

dmAnswers14 can be set up in minutes for existing customers. New dmClub customers can take up to an hour, but this is allowing for you to decide on your personal settings.

+How do you ensure the quality of call answering?

We use a number of carefully vetted professional call answering companies and we continually monitor their performance. The companies know that to retain the business they need to conform to our stringent quality requirements. 


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