dmConnect12: simple call forwarding

What's included in your dmConnect12 business line package
A geographical number
6 months line rental (£3+VAT per month, payable semi-annually)
£3 call credit
Easy to use software to direct your calls

dmConnect12 allows you to forward calls, simply and easily. Your dmConnect12 package is designed to give you a fully functional business line that can be up and running within minutes.

As your business grows and your telephony needs become more sophisticated we are able to provide extra options. You can add these optional extras to your package now or you can wait until you need them.

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Optional extras

Extra numbers for direct lines

You may want to give some employees a direct dial number that they can use to make and receive calls. You can buy these at any time although if you want a sequence of numbers that follow on from your business number you may want to get them now whilst they are still available:

For example, if your main business line is 020-7060-6250 then you may want your direct dial lines to follow in sequence - 020-7060-6251, 020-7060-6252, 020-7060-6253 etc.

The cost of extra business lines is £3+VAT per month payable semi-annually. Gold numbers carry an additional once-off premium.

Gold numbers

Your dmConnect12 package includes a geographical number and there are plenty of excellent numbers to choose from. Gold numbers are the same monthly cost as any other number and they carry an additional once-off premium starting from £2 which you pay for on checkout.

Call answering

Your dmConnect12 package also includes voicemail. You may, however, prefer to have your calls answered by a human and you will be able to integrate with a call answering service. If you already have one we can integrate with it; if not, you can try our own dmAnswers14 call answering service at competitive rates. You answer your calls when you can and when you are unable to then we will answer the call in your company name, take a message which we immediately forward on to you via email.

There is no monthly charge, you just pay for the calls we answer for you, with prices per call starting at as low as 58p. Please see dmAnswers14: Purchasing Guide for more information. Alternatively, you can speak to one of our team at or +44-207-060-2000 and they will be happy to give you more information.

Easy upgrade to our switchboard product

There is an easy upgrade path when your call handling needs to become more sophisticated. For example:

  • You want to have a company reception
  • You want your phone system to have a menu option ("dial 1 for sales, 2 for operations, or 3 for anything else")
  • You want a team extensions and/or personal extensions
  • You want to be able to have multiple call handling plans. For example, one for Christmas holidays, one for disaster recovery etc

When you upgrade, your dmConnect12 call-handling plan is automatically transferred.

Upgrading to our dmSwitchboard12 product will incur a set-up fee of £19.95+VAT and then £7.50+VAT per month. This includes time with a consultant to help you get things set up correctly.

Telephone calls

Your dmConnect12 package includes a £3 call credit to enable you to start making and receiving calls straight away. You will need to keep your call credit topped up in order to be able to continue making and receiving calls on an on-going basis.

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