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+How easy is it to set up my business line?

It is very easy to set up and there are lots of helpful videos to show you what to do. If you take the default settings you can be up and running within minutes. If you get stuck then you can always call our support desk.

+I need a line for my broadband. Why do I need a dmConnect12 business line?

If you are always in the office then there is no need. However, most modern business owners are not in the office all the time. They need to be able to make and receive business calls whilst on the move. Your dmConnect12 business line will go with you wherever you travel, even overseas.

+Will callers hear menu options?

The dmConnect12 service is designed for a single person to make and receive calls and therefore there is no need for menu options. If you do want menu options, perhaps because you want to be able to direct calls to several people, then you can upgrade to our dmSwitchboard12 product, which has a lot of additional features, including menus.

+Can I add extra numbers?

Yes. If you want each business line to work independently of each other then you can simply buy additional dmConnect12 packages. If, however, you would like everyone to use the same business number and have additional people being able to make and receive calls then you can upgrade at anytime to our dmSwitchboard12 product which is designed to meet the needs of the most sophisticated business. There is no need to upgrade until you need the extra functionality. if you require it immediately, then please contact support and we will be able to give you more details about this service.

+I already have a BT business line. Can I still benefit?

If you decided to change your number, you could make savings on the business line rental and call charges if you were to cancel your existing number. Another big benefit is being able to use your business line when you are out of the office.

+Will I need to buy a handset?

There are plenty of VoIP handsets available and even adaptors, which will allow you to use a normal telephone handset for VoIP calls. However, you should not need to buy extra equipment unless you want to. PC users can use our webphone and most smart phones users can install a free App which will enable their mobile phone to be used to make and receive VoIP calls.

+Will my business line still work if I do not have an Internet connection?

Yes. You can both make and receive calls through your business line should your internet connection go down or if you are out of the office and unable to get an internet connection.

+What is the sound quality like?

The sound quality is excellent and much better than mobile phones, provided you have a reasonably good Internet connection.. If you are using a landline or mobile phone to make and receive calls when away from Internet access, the sound quality will be the same as you would normally get for that type of device.

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